Here’s scientific proof that the Human Growth hormone does not affect Testosterone levels in men

The human growth hormone (HGH) is perhaps the best among scientific discoveries owing to the myriad of benefits it offers the body.

For most ladies, beauty is a big deal thus the growth hormone offers hope in terms of weight loss, hair and nail growth, and maintaining a youthful look.

However, for men, who are usually more concerned with build and sexual drive, the human growth hormone is probably the solution to a huge part of their lives, as it plays a huge role in muscle growth and increased sexual charge.

The human growth hormone has been defined as a powerful anabolic hormone naturally produced by the pituitary gland, that increases metabolism and burning of fat, boosts the growth of muscles and production of protein necessary for repairing bodily damage.

HGH levels are much higher during adolescence, but as we start to age our bodies begin to slow down, and thus we need a regrowth booster for our body cells.

Although the levels of HGH decrease with age, scientists have discovered that GH does not affect testosterone and there are specific amino acids that stimulate the release of the hormone, thereby increasing the production of HGH in the body, resulting in faster recovery time, leaner muscle and faster burning of fat.


So how do you increase the HGH production in your body and start enjoying its benefits?

There are different scientifically discovered ways of increasing one’s bodily HGH levels.

The first and most natural way of increasing the growth hormone levels in your body is by watching what you eat, and maintaining a strict exercise regimen. These two form some of the world’s top income earners as people have become health conscious, desire to live longer and look younger, while maintaining a lean and amazing body.

Exercise boosts the growth hormone, but the secret lies in maintaining a high level intensity workout, which stimulates the pituitary gland to release high levels of HGH to repair any damaged muscles in your body following the activity.

While exercise is one of your best bets, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Another proven way of boosting the production of the growth hormone in your body, and this is common to men, is by using oral steroids, which provide the same benefits as those of the naturally produced growth hormone, and does not affect testosterone levels.

There are many oral steroid brands available in the market, but you want to avoid one that works superfast to buff you up.Instead, pick a good steroid that works slowly but surely to get your body ready to add bulk, and produce amazing results in muscle gain, burning of fat, and increased libido as a bonus.

A third option, which involves the use of injections, but this should only be given as a prescription from your doctor, otherwise if acquired by other means, it could land you in some serious trouble with the authorities.

Despite the myths around the different ways of increasing HGH levels, the main issue especially for men is whether it reduces sexual drive, because a man’s main roles of provision and procreation are related to this. The fact is the GH doesn’t affect testosterone levels in men, it boosts it instead.