The next treatment for cosmetic dentistry South Africa is implants

With South Africa being such an affordable place to travel to, there is an opening to get some of the more extreme and expensive dental work done. First off would be teeth straightening. Veneers offer a way to have this done as a cosmetic dentistry South Africa option, though there is the chance that the veneer can fall off with improper care and the fact that a little bit of tooth structure needs to be removed to make way for the veneers. Also, veneers have very limited range, and do not fix out the more severe crookedness. For this, it would be time for something else. In the past this meant metal braces which were a permanent addition to your teeth for the time they were needed. Now cosmetic dentistry South Africa has introduced plastic retainers which latch onto the teeth and do the same job. They are removable so if you do have an important social event or meeting coming up, you would be able to easily remove them.


In any case they should only be worn for around 22 hours of the day, removed only during meals. The thing is, that they fit so snugly over the teeth that they do not need to be removed. This is because the retainer will be specially designed and custom made for your teeth. Cases range from a couple of months to around 2 years for the course of treatment to be done. If you are in South Africa every months or so, then this would be an affordable option. They are priced much higher in countries such as the US or UK which is why cosmetic dentistry South Africa should be looked into if pricing is your main concern. You would have to be in South Africa every month or so to be fitted for a new pair, yet this still works out cheaper than getting them in other countries such as the ones mentioned, where you would get the same quality of work. The next treatment for cosmetic dentistry South Africa is implants. This is the course taken when there is a lost tooth or teeth.

It is fixed by way of an implant. This is the most extreme form of cosmetic dentistry South Africa because it involves a bit of surgery. This is minor, however it will eat into a little bit of your holiday time in the country. South Africa is the ideal place to recover though, especially in a city such as Durban where it remains warm, year round. Implants require 2 trips, 6 months apart, along with a follow up visit after the second trip. If you have settle on getting implants as your cosmetic dentistry South Africa optionthen this is the process which will greet you. First up is the dentist ensuring that you have healthy bone and gum structure, through an x-ray. Once done, an anaesthesiologist can come to the rooms and insert the implant into the jaw. It will take a few months for this to settle in and become a permanent fixture, hence the second visit being much later. On the second visit, a dental crown will be attached to this implant which will serve as your brand new tooth. It’s not too complicated and you would get yourself a nice holiday out of the trip to South Africa.