Every case for smile makeovers is unique

Every case for smile makeovers is unique. This could be a single session fix or require months and even years to complete. The start of the entire process lies with a consult to your dentist. During this visit, you would enquire about their services for full smile makeovers. This is the process of fixing teeth problems to get you that bright smile that just lifts your face. A full inspection will be done of your mouth. The dentist will then take a 3D imaging picture and in a few minutes will show you what outcomes the various dental treatments will give to the teeth. This technology is not available at all dentists so it would be wise to visit a franchise dentist such as Family Dental care in Durban. They do provide preventative, paediatric and emergency dental services along with cosmetic dental procedures. This will ensure that you have a city wide access to a dentist providing smile makeovers. Smile makeovers are not there for a purely aesthetic outcome.


Correcting an under bite or unaligned teeth can result in better jaw function. It could even fix tension headaches. Crowns placed over a cracked tooth will ensure that no further damage is done to the tooth. A slight crack does not cause any major damage to the tooth, however once this crack deepens, the tooth will have to be removed. The tooth is saved from this conclusion because it will be protected by the crown. Implants give back teeth, to a person who has lost either one, multiple or all of them. Getting this function back in the mouth negates the need for uncomfortable dentures which do leave lesions because the fit is not precise. Furthermore, implants will allow the jaw to be held upright and in turn keep all of the features of the face intact.

The type of treatments done as part of smile makeovers are chosen according to the resources available to the patient. If time is of the essence, then there are procedures which can be completed in an hour though at the expense of the tooth structure.

This may be the only way forward if finance is an issue as it is also the cheaper method. If you have time to wait out treatment time then you could alter the state of your teeth through invisible braces. Then there is the time when you would have no choice in smile makeovers such as when receiving dental implants. Dentures are not really considered as a part of smile makeovers. In implants there are titanium screws which are inserted into the jaw bone. They take a couple of months to become firmly lodged in here at which point a dental crown will be placed over it. Smile makeovers in this case, give back a sense of pride to a person in regaining their teeth in a permanent way. Those needing smile makeovers need to take into account the cost factor. As mentioned some treatments are cheaper than others so this will be a factor when choosing which one to go with. Since smile makeovers are a series of treatments not paid by health plans, most dentists do offer payment plans.