Goodbye, Razors! Laser Hair Removal Guarantees Results

Everybody desires a smooth and stubble-free skin. However; most of you won’t want to make laser hair removal a priority solution. The name itself sounds very intimidating. The process requires more planning as compared to swinging by your local drug store for a razor and shaving cream.

But if you are tired putting up with prickly legs, annoying nicks, plus razor burns, then laser hair removal might be a better option. And if you’ve been looking for information about permanent hair removal (and even reduction), you should be relieved to know that—although it demands commitment—laser technology does come with some pretty spectacular advantages. Thinking about removing your unwanted hair? Never worry! Canada MedLaser Clinic got you covered. Equipped with state of the art laser hair removal machines and facilities, this clinic looks set to inject life into your beauty .Say no to lasers and waxing.


Who’s a laser hair removal candidate?

The odds (if research is anything to go by) are good that almost everybody qualifies for this treatment. However, during puberty, the body produces new hair follicles at a rapid rate. This means that if you are young, you might not be eligible for laser hair removal. Therefore, wait till the body is out of puberty stage before you consider this option.

Is laser better than waxing?

In a nutshell: The fewer the treatment procedures, the better and longer the results. Waxing requires monthly maintenance. Also; the hair must be long enough for wadding each time for maintenance to be done. On the other hand, laser hair removal is a 4-8 appointment process, depending on the patient. This achieves permanent results and a smoother skin.

Is laser permanent?

Expect a gradual and cumulative reduction of body hair after several treatments. New hair won’t grow back between treatments. The following need more treatments:

  • Fine and light-colored hair
  • Hormonally-controlled areas( areas around the upper lip or chin)

In most patients, excess hair can permanently be removed. However, but sometimes it might take more than eight treatments. Also, keep in mind that hair may potentially grow back: This procedure doesn’t work on dormant/inactive hair follicles. This is because dormant follicles will be triggered into active hair growth by hormones. Then they will be treated with subsequent touch-up laser hair removal sessions.

Laser hair removal: Areas that can be treated

Any area of the body can be treated for hair removal. The laser technology has made it possible for new devices to be manufactured. These new devices are painless, accurate, and super fast, making it possible for patients to remove everything. Laser hair removal can remove hairs in the following areas:

  • Arms and legs
  • Bikini
  • Underarms

The process takes 10-60 minutes (but can take more if you have multiple treatment areas to be treated).

What to expect during the first session

Immediately after the first session, the hair on the surface will fall off instantly. The hair (which is underneath) should take anywhere from 5 to 10 days to detach from the epidermis.

How to prepare for a laser beam session

Ensure to shave or wad the area you want to treat. The sensation is more like that of a snapping rubber band. However, more advanced lasers are capable of providing increased comfort, so you don’t have to take OTC painkillers beforehand.